About Yellow Brick ROad

The "Yellow Brick Road" popularized in the movie Wizard of Oz, signifies for us a quest for enlightenment, a pilgrimage into our selves. This defines our life’s purpose as well as the mission of our venture. To "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" serves as our mantra on our journey to help making learning exciting, effective and experiential.

Yellow Brick Road is working primarily in the fields of education, corporate training, cross-cultural research, psychometric assessments and counseling. We promote positive psychology actively; moving away from the deficit (conventional) model. Yellow Brick Road mobilizes human capital and its potential, to craft dynamic, frictionless and high-impact teams. Yellow Brick Road offers a wide array of learning solutions in behavioral, language and communication that enhances capabilities, competencies and productivity. We synergize with organizations to cultivate cultures of openness, trust and authenticity. Our interventions are customized to align with your organizational culture, values and objectives. Read More